Long Island’s Best Protection: The Comprehensive Guide to Patio Wraps by Cleanfellas Inc. – Cleanfellas Power Washing & Patio Wraps

Long Island’s Best Protection: The Comprehensive Guide to Patio Wraps by Cleanfellas Inc.

Long Island’s Best Protection: The Comprehensive Guide to Patio Wraps by Cleanfellas Inc.

The allure of a patio lies in its ability to create an inviting and cozy ambiance right in the heart of our homes. It offers a perfect blend of the outdoors and indoors. However, as Long Islanders, we’re all too familiar with the unpredictability of New York weather. The sunny days can swiftly turn into gusty, stormy evenings, putting our precious patio furniture at risk.

Enter Cleanfellas Inc., the trusted name in Long Island for shrink wrap patio services. As experts in the field, our process is finely tuned to guarantee your furniture isn’t just covered, but it’s protected, preserved, and primed for the next season. Let’s delve into our step-by-step guide to mastering patio wraps:

  1. Clean Off Furniture:
    Before anything else, it’s crucial to ensure that the furniture is free from dirt, debris, and grime. We take our time to meticulously clean every piece, ensuring that what gets wrapped is in its best state. This way, when you unwrap your furniture for the season, it’s as fresh as the day you stored it.
  2. Designate a Pile Spot:
    A systematic approach is essential. Once cleaned, we identify a suitable spot to temporarily pile your furniture, ensuring easy access and preventing any potential damage.
  3. Layout the Wrap:
    The foundation is key. We lay out our high-quality shrink wrap, ensuring it’s spread out evenly, free from creases, and ready to envelop your furniture securely.
  4. Safety Stack with Precision:
    This is where our expertise shines brightest. We strategically and safely stack furniture, ensuring stability. A tight stack reduces the chances of movement within the wrap, ensuring every piece remains secure during the harshest conditions.
  5. Protect from Scratches:
    No one likes unsightly scratches on their furniture. As we stack, we ensure each surface is adequately protected, maintaining the aesthetics of your valuable patio pieces.
  6. Enclose and Seal:
    Once everything’s stacked and protected, we go ahead and enclose the bundle, meticulously heating all seams to create a water-tight, weather-resistant shield.
  7. Shrink and Tighten:
    Using professional equipment, we shrink the film, ensuring a snug fit around your furniture. This step is vital as it ensures there are no loose ends or pockets, making the wrap resistant to wind, rain, and snow.
  8. Tape for Extra Protection:
    We believe in double protection. After shrinking, we tape all seams to further ensure the integrity of the wrap. This added step keeps out even the tiniest particles of dust and debris.
  9. Ventilation Matters:
    A sealed wrap doesn’t mean a suffocated one. We strategically install air vents to allow for adequate ventilation. This prevents mold and mildew build-up, ensuring your furniture remains fresh.

In Conclusion:
At Cleanfellas Inc., our service goes beyond mere wrapping. It’s about understanding the unique climate of Long Island, the importance of preserving the value of your furniture, and ensuring that when the warmer months roll in, your patio is ready to host again without a hitch.

So, when you think of protecting your patio furniture in Long Island, think Cleanfellas Inc. – where every wrap is a wrap of assurance, care, and expertise.




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